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Discontinuation of Paper Remittance Advices

Issue: #402 JUL2018

Topic: Business Transformation

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) is using our Availity Provider Portal transition as an opportunity to go green and will no longer offer paper remittance advices. In the new portal, you will have the ability to view Electronic Remittance Advices (ERA)s and print as needed. The impact of this change will vary depending on how your organization is currently receiving remittance advices.

As of June 18, 2018, all organizations that were not already enrolled for ERA with BCBSND have been auto-enrolled for ERA. You will be able to access your ERAs using the Remittance Viewer in the Availity Provider Portal. For more information on getting started with this process, please refer to the Availity/BCBSND landing page.

Note: The Remittance Viewer will only be available for specific roles designated by your organization’s administrator. If you receive an error or are unable to locate the Remittance Viewer in the portal, contact your organization’s administrator for review of your current roles and access.

If your organization is already enrolled for ERAs with BCBSND and they are received through a clearinghouse, the transition of your ERAs will be completed by your clearinghouse and no action will be required from your organization. We encourage you to reach out to your clearinghouse proactively to ensure they are accounting for the transition of your ERA volume.

If you were previously enrolled for ERAs with BCBSND, we will be transitioning six months of ERAs to Availity Provider Portal for you. If you were not previously enrolled for ERAs with BCBSND, you will not have historical remittances within the Availity Provider Portal. Your remittance history will start to build once you have enrolled for ERAs through Availity.

If you did not enroll before June 18, you have been auto-enrolled for ERAs. Once you are enrolled (self or auto), you will no longer receive paper remits; you will retrieve your ERAs through Availity Provider Portal, and your ERA history will begin to build. We encourage you to enroll for ERAs as soon as possible!

For any questions that you may have, please reach out to the Provider Partnership team at