HealthCare News

Billing for Pap Smears

Issue: #408 MAY2019

Topic: Coding/Billing

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) would like to provide additional guidance regarding billing for routine pap smears. As indicated in the November 2018 HealthCare News bulletin, when billing for routine pap smears, providers will need to use HCPCS codes P3000 or P3001. The CPT codes for pap smears will only be allowed if a medical diagnosis is included on the claim for those services. The following G codes can also be used for routine pap smears: G0123, G0124, G0141, G0143, G0144, G0145, G0147 and G0148.

A Reimbursement policy outlining gynecological exams, including information on pap smears, is available on the Reimbursement Policy page: